On this website, you will find my personal favorites from all over the city (and I might add other Mexican cities, too, at some point). Please note that when I use the word "best" (taco, cantina, etc), I mean the places I have tried and fallen in love with the most, as it is ludicrous to call someplace "the best" prior to visiting every single place in that genre, which no person can reasonably do in a city of 25 million people.

P.S. Please note, if you are a fellow food writer, blogger, or vlogger, have some professional integrity and common decency and ask permission (cdmxgringo at g mail) and give attribution before just flagrantly plagiarizing our information.

Here are our various "best of CDMX" categories:

Tacos * Street Food * Seafood

Vegan * Fondas (Comida Corrida)

Cafes * Asian Food * Italian/Pizza

Fine Dining * Tortas (Sandwiches)

Middle Eastern Food * Burgers

Steaks * Breakfast * Regional Mexican Cuisine

Cantinas * Cocktails * Craft Beer * Bars

Thrift Shops/Tianguis * Live Music Venues

Free Things to Do * Museums * Mercados